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Welcome to this space of community and connection

After 7 privileged years with BGKO and 4 years of reflection and restoration, I now embark on a journey that will test my ability to balance the responsibilities of being a mother and the aspirations of pursuing an artistic career based on creation, performance, and helping others find their true voice. I hope to build a future that is true to the spirit of motherhood as well as the spirit of the artist you know I am.  


And welcome to my spaces of engagement


The seed I plant today is the first creation I've ever begun from a place of total freedom and responsibility. It's an invitation for you to come with me and be part of my first solo project, called SIS. It's is a tribute to the big 'YES' I decided to give my life after discovering so many 'NOs', so many ways of living that weren't useful to me anymore. Music, images, words, encounters... everything I've learned about life, pain and love. That's SiS, and here's what's coming... 7 new songs and an introductory video.

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Many of you will know me from my wonderful 7 year career with the Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra (BGKO). It was like a dream come true in so many ways. They were successful years with rich, powerful connections to a talented group of musicians. Touring, celebrating, performing, interviews, television, radio...

Now when I take to the stage with my quintet, my trio or alone, I draw on those years while adding the power, the life force and the mystery of being a mother. 

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Voz Libre Retreats are very intimate 3-day experiences for only 6 to 8 people because for me the basis is always individuality, the part of the whole that each of us represents. The voice is the expression of what we manifest in the world. Does your voice express that authentic thing that wants to be expressed? Are you silent so as not to make mistakes, so as not to hurt, because you don't feel that your voice is valid? Or do you always seek to be right, attract attention, prove your worth at all costs? Retreats are held in extraordinary settings to promote tranquility and reflection, and they include all lodging and meals.

Voz Libre



Voz Libre Workshops are very intense 1-day experiences for up to 20 people.
During these workshops we will work deeply with the 4 essential elements of Voz Libre to be able to integrate the use of our own sound and our unique vocal expression to our advantage. Voz Libre workshops are about learning to dance between the feminine and the masculine, between the polarities that are actually two sides of the same coin. When we exclude one of those parts we are denying ourselves part of who we are. Join us in this highly engaging exploration! Workshops include all materials and meals.

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I am before you because I wanted to be born,
then you appeared
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