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Welcome to SIS!  The project is made up of 7 new songs with the hope of producing 7 videos to bring imagery to the music and lyrics. The first video has already been finished as an introduction to the kind of artistry you can expect when SIS is finally finished. The second video is on the way. I hope you enjoy what we've created so far!

1. The Seed

A goddess is born, an adult woman: Sandra Sangiao. In every moment, I try to choose courage, nobility, responsibility and freedom. Sometimes I forget how to do that, of course, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to choose again. So the key here is to question every decision, ask for forgiveness if necessary, and transform mistakes into learning.

2. My Mom

When I was born, my mother was my world, my life, my security, my pleasure and my need. To become an adult I had to get rid of that world, that life, that security, that pleasure, that need. I'm eternally thankful to you, mom. I'm going to give you everything you gave me by giving the world everything that I carry in me.

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3. My Dad

When my first son was born, I heard my father sing for the first time. I couldn't believe it. How could it be that he sang with that sensitivity and beauty and had never shown it to me before? Eternal thanks, Dad. I honor you now by being my own authority. I do not allow anything or anyone to suppress my own truth.

4. My Roots

I lived the internal struggle between Catalonia and Spain with a divided heart and mind. I realised that every fight does just that. It disunites what is united. I decided this fight was not for me. My temple is my body, and my homeland is my life.

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5. The Other

The last time I was with my children's father, I treated him badly. I treated myself badly. I didn't know how to relate because I had no idea how to relate to myself. We've separated, and now I'm discovering what intimacy truly means. It's the strongest connection I can have with myself and with the other person because it's exactly the same connection.

6. Motherhood

I became a mother totally unconsciously. I like to think that my kids were born to wake me up from my own fantasy. Suddenly I felt torn between my job and them. I wasn't giving them the best version of me. I decided to make them a symbol of love and giving without expecting anything in return. That's when I entered into adulthood.

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7. My Voice

For many years I sang suffering, wondering whether I was doing it right, ashamed of myself. In 2014 an opportunity came my way to look at singing as a game. Suddenly I could play with my voice, and this was the way I wanted to sing! Since then I have experienced my singing as total surrender, like something beyond myself.

I first saw Sandra on YouTube singing "Od Ebra do Dunava," and she was pregnant at the time. Her energy and movements amazed me. I became an instant fan, but I also had a strange feeling as if I had known her forever, which was clearly not the case. I believe strongly that everything at its base is vibration and that music is our best way to elevate and open our hearts. Since that first moment I saw her , I have been able to get to know Sandra better and appreciate her art. I discovered not only a beautiful voice and a powerful artist but also saw what an amazing mother and daughter she is. Her solo project has already produced "La Semilla," a potent start to this great album. I feel blessed and grateful to be a patron of the arts she is creating and to be able to support her in her journey. To me, Sandra Sangiao is nothing short of a modern-day musical oracle who will create beauty for the world to enjoy. I plan to support Sandra now and in the future because the world needs her talents more than ever.  (Filip, Quebec)

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