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Voz Libre Onsite

Voz Libre has two onsite formats: 3-day retreats and 1-day workshops. In both of these formats, we work deeply with the 4 essential elements of mind, body, breathing and sound to be able to integrate the use of our own sound and learn to use our unique expression to our advantage. Retreats and workshops are offered in Spanish at the national level and in English at the international level.


These are very intimate 3-day experiences for 6 to 8 people because for me the basis is always individuality, the part of the whole that each of us represents. The voice is the expression of what we manifest in the world. Does your voice express that authentic thing that wants to be expressed? Are you silent so as not to make mistakes, so as not to hurt, because you don't feel that your voice is valid? Or do you always seek to be right, attract attention, prove your worth at all costs? Retreats are held in extraordinary settings to promote tranquility and reflection. Lodging and meals are included.


Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

Bulgaria Workshop (eng)

December 17, 2023

Catalunya Retreat (span)

April 5-7, 2024  3 spaces

Catalunya Retreat (eng)

June 17-19, 2024   4 spaces


During these 1-day experiences we work deeply with the essential elements of Voz Libre to integrate the use of our own sound and unique expression to our advantage. Voz Libre is learning to dance between the feminine and the masculine, between the polarities that are actually two sides of the same coin. When we exclude one of those parts we deny ourselves part of who we are. Join us in this highly engaging exploration! All materials and meals are included.


Voz Libre Online

Voz Libre has two online formats: individual sessions and online courses. In both formats, we work deeply with the 4 essential elements of mind, body, breathing and sound to be able to integrate the use of our own sound and learn to use our unique expression to our advantage. Individual sessions and online courses can be run in Spanish, Catalan or English at the choice of the participants.

Online Course 2024

Join us in one of my 4-session online courses designed to bring you the best practices and learnings I have acquired during many years of experience on the relationship between mind, body, breathing and voice. Just sign up for a free initial meeting any Thursday at 11:00, 11:30 or 12:00 so that we can discuss your background and get you into the group that best suits your schedule and needs. I look forward to getting to know you!


Individual Sessions

My 1 on 1 focus sessions are designed help you maximise your progress while exploring your connection between mind, body, voice and expression. Sessions are an hour long and can be held online from anywhere in the world. They can also be held in person. Just contact me to set up an initial 20-30 minute meeting, free of charge, to determine the best format and approach for me to accompany you and match your needs. ​Meetings are offered Thursdays at 11:00, 11:30 and 12:00.​


 Voz Libre Testimonials

Working with Sandra has taken me to unknown places, unexplored  places for me. Places where deep energy is found. A lot of fear arises from those unexplored places, but you can trust Sandra and together you discover something incredible. Something that is felt in the skin and in the gut before it is understood by the mind. My throat and my belly have found the possibility of opening like trunks that contain a treasure. They have contacted and communicated, and I have listened. This essential force is not forgotten. It is a new self-awareness to follow. These days have been magical with presence and with division, small steps that we took together that continue in me, even alone, on my path and at my own pace.  (Nina, Veneto)

The atmosphere that was immediately created within the group was one of great intimacy and trust. I was not expecting such an emotionally strong experience, one that would lead me to see and embrace my weaknesses and wounds. This happened thanks to both the exercises we did and Sandra's sensitivity and presence(Mirna, Liguria)

I want to thank you for all the classes we have had and tell you that I have really grown a lot since working with you, and on many levels! I feel like, little by little, I'm finally opening up to everything I really wanted to do with music because I'm changing my perception of everything and at the end of life too :D. I feel like we've made an important push, and now many things are opening up to me...  (Anna, Zagreb)
Working with you has been a very deep and enriching life experience! Thank you so much, Sandra, for your honesty and generosity. It has been a beautiful path of self-discovery and exploration for me.   (Esther, Barcelona)
Meeting Sandra through Voz Libre has been the most significant and enriching experience on a personal level that I have had in a long time. Sandra is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable in a wide variety of techniques and with great intuition that she combines with precision to do her work and adjust it both on a group and individual level. Sandra guides by giving us tools to start on our own path.   (Carolina, Colombia)
This experience went beyond vocal technique and has meant the beginning or perhaps continuation of a journey of personal self-discovery and of my own voice. Each time it comes out with less effort, more liberated and always from the strength and support of a wonderful group that has supported it.    (Marc, Barcelona)

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